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Winner of Two Humor Column Awards from the South Carolina Press Association

Bill and Ann find humor in everyday circumstances and have a special gift of storytelling that is sure to tickle your funny bone

Sue Detar, Publisher and Editor

The Daniel Island News

I pictured my wife and me starting in the first story and it continued from there. So many humorous anecdotes that we all see in everyday life. I could not put the book down. If you want an enjoyable read that will bring laughter and tears, buy this book!

John B.

Couples who have been married for many years will absolutely relate to the good-natured squabbling between "Dalton and Grace." Crisp writing and storytelling with a good ear for a punch line make this a fun read 

Cecia Rivenbark, Award Winning Southern Author

Dalton and Grace is a book that will make you smile, weep, and laugh out loud! Each one of the vignettes captures a different emotion as you share the day-to-day life of Dalton, Grace and the indomitable Aunt Toogie. Add a star if you know and love Charleston

Amazon Customer


Hear It From the Grandkids

Mark Twain is reincarnated and reports from Charleston, South Carolina! Enjoy recently-retired and somewhat perplexed Dalton, his “lovely” wife Grace, and Aunt Toogie as they cavort around the South. Congratulations to Bill and Ann Stevens for their delightful stories full of gentle humor that poke fun at our ongoing, 21st Century dilemmas.

Earl Walker

Founding Dean and Professor Emeritus, The Citadel School of Business

These stories read like mini Seinfeld episodes

A Daniel Island News Reader






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