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Bless Their Little Hearts

Marriage is a compilation of laughter, tears, and occasional inane spats over nothing. Life in the south is a combination of sass, sophistication, and sticky situations. And when you mix them together, the result is gut-splitting hysterical. In these Southern short stories, the whimsical Williams couple takes readers on the highs and lows of their Southern marriage.

Dalton Williams, a well-meaning and kind-hearted gentleman, has ideas that are quirky and kooky—many times going awry. His practical and sensible wife, Grace, keeps him grounded.  Embark upon a fun-filled and hilarious journey through the aisles of Publix supermarket to the frustration of Daylight Savings Time. Dalton and Grace are familiar faces experiencing life’s oftentimes silly mundanity, and when you add in their adorable and sassy Aunt Toogie, you have a real southern treat!

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