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  • Smile as Dalton and Grace spar over setting the thermostat, eating kale, doing the laundry, operating an automated vacuum, and how to sort silverware into the drawer

  • Chuckle as Dalton tries to locate Grace up and down the aisles of Publix, divines an ingenious way to change all the clocks at once for Daylight savings, and fries a turkey at Thanksgiving

  • Meet sassy Aunt Toogie who disagrees with Dalton over what qualifies as a free refill drink, has an annual ‘mooch march’ to Florida, and runs afoul of the law with her gentleman caller, Brevard

  • Dab an eye at stories about Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and a note to a newborn grandchild

  • Enjoy Dalton’s twist on events such as Pluto’s demotion from the ranks of planets, explaining an eclipse of the sun, and an appeal to Queen Elizabeth for Dalton and Grace to fill the Royal Family positions vacated by Harry and Meghan

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